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July 29, 2012
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Few things you could not do. You could ride a bike, climb trees, play instruments... That didn't mean you did it well, but it was still something you could work with. One of those few things you could not do, however, was swim. Your parents had never bothered to teach you, and you had never attempted to find someone to mentor you.

It was a beautiful day to be in a park. Thus you were sitting on a small park bench in _(Your Hometown)_.
"_(Your Name)_, _(Your Name)_!" A loud voice with an Italian accent called. You turned your head to see your friend, Feliciano, running towards you flailing his arms.
"You should-a come swimming with me and Fratello tomorrow!" He stated happily, stopping in front of you.
"Feli, I'm busy tomorrow..." You lied as Feliciano's brother, Romano, took his next to his sibling.
"Doing what?" Romano questioned.
"Helping my mother." You replied quickly, and Romano's eyes narrowed.
"Can't you get out of-a working for just one day?" Feliciano pouted. "Every time we try to get you to go swimming, you are always busy!"
"I'll try, but I doubt mom will let me..." You lied again.
"YAY! I'll-a see you tomorrow, _(Your Name)_!" The bubbly Italian cried as he flung his arms around you in a brief hug before running back in the direction he came.

"Okay, idiota, I know you were-a lying. What's-a your problem?"
"I don't know what you're talking about, Romano."
Romano continued to look at you with an 'Are you kidding me?' face.
You sighed.
"Roma, I can't swim."
"I said I can't swim."
"Why didn't you just say that then? I wet-a the bed until I was- Wait. If you tell anyone I said that, I will-a murder you."
"Okay, Mr. Moody-Pants, your secret's safe. But you see why I cant come now, right?"
Romano thought for a moment. "If you want, I could teach you."
"Aw, Romano, you really do care-"
"Shut up! I just don't want my stupid fratello to go crying to that stupid potato sucking bastardo..." Romano snapped back, lightly blushing.

"Would you just-a hurry up already?" Romano yelled. You were currently in your bathroom, putting on a the one bathing suit you owned. Once you had the _(Bikini, Tankini, One-Peice)_ on, you stepped out of the bathroom to reveal Romano sitting on your living room couch eating a slice of pizza and watching a football/soccer game. "NO!" He screamed and threw the food at the T.V.
"Romano! Did you really just throw pizza at my television?!"
Romano jumped at your voice. "Yes I did! That should not have made a goal, come è potuto accadere?" He voiced and began speaking angrily in Italian.
"Roma, calm down!"
Romano shut up and turned to look at you.
"Are you ready to go now?" He asked, his former anger still apparent.
"Yeah, lets go."

Romano was waist deep in pool's water already. "Come on, Bella, its just water."
You sighed. If I want to learn to swim, I have to get in the water, huh.
Romano held his hand out towards you as if to help you in and rolled his eyes. "You cant drown if your feet can touch the bottom."
That was a lie. You had heard on the news of people drowning in a few inches of water, but you appreciated the effort.
You slowly stepped into the cold liquid and looked at your friend expectantly.
"You should learn how to float on your back first." Romano suggested.
"How am I supposed to do that?"
"Like this." He then leaned backwards and managed to stay above the water for a while before returning to a standing position. "Why don't you try?"
You tried to mimic the position that the Italian had been in just moments before. You failed terribly and panicked as you began to sink.
Romano reached forward for your arm just as your face went under and pulled you back up. "Be careful!" Romano said harshly as you recovered.
"Well its not my fault!"
It was Romano's turn to sigh. "Do you trust me?"
You rolled your eyes. "Of course."
Romano moved closer to you and placed one of his hands at the small of your back. "Try again."
Again you fell backwards, only this time Romano held you in place. You snapped your eyes shut. "Arms out straight, deep breaths..." Romano trailed off. You reopened your eyes to find that the Italian no longer had a hand on you. You were floating.
You returned to your standing position.
"See, _(Your Name)_? You can float."

And thus the rest of the night went on, with you learning various ways of swimming.


"_(Your Name)_, Where did you learn to swim? You are really good at it!" Feliciano exclaimed.
You laughed to yourself, throwing a glance in Romano's direction. "A good friend taught me."
Gah! This one fails so bad compared to the others :iconromanosulkplz: Plus, Its overdue... Well, anyway, I hope you people enjoy it~

Romano and Feliciano © Hidekazu Himaruya
You © You
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Aurapunch Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, Romano throwing pizza at the TV...

All I remember was that I started screaming at the TV because of an anime show... Then my dad shouting since the other driver of a car isn't driving properly (like if the other driver's signal says left, he goes right, my dad starts yelling)

Duuuudddeee...I'm-a gonna fave this now!
DeathsTrainee Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Hahaha! Ive done similar things xD Mostly stuff like "Goddamnit, Why would you do that!" or "JUST KISS HIM ALREADY!"
And I get really mad at horrible drivers too. I swear, I flip off at least one person every time Im in a car.

And grazie for the fave :heart:
Aurapunch Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yup, and so I was like, "VERDAMNT! HURRY UP!" or sometimes, "WHAT?! WHAAAAAAT?! IN HELLS?! <---Pewds reference XD" or sometimes, "...Boring, oh wait! *watches TV* *after* Boooooooring!!!!"


DeathsTrainee Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Hahahaha xD PEWDIEPIE <3
Aurapunch Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BRO! In school, I play as Jennifer the rock! We just need Mr. Chair, Plants, and unless you count Naked Teleporting Guy XD
DeathsTrainee Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Aurapunch Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, then we said, "On March is the day we need to wear a costume.." And so, we were like, "I'm Stephano! I'll paint myself gold!" And then she posed like Stephano. "I'm Jennifer! I'll paint myself...uh...ROCKY!" Then a crawled into a ball.
Every year, we have this day where we dress up as our fave character, so that's what we thought XD
DeathsTrainee Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student General Artist
That is one of the most amazing things I have read this week.
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EarthBound15 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
:glomp: So Fluffeh<3
DeathsTrainee Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Hehe Yush ^.^ Thanks
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